Dixie Care and Share provides services to satisfy many requirements. These include:

  • Emergency Shelter. Dixie is the only homeless shelter in Washington Co. The men’s shelter is a small dormitory which houses 20 beds. The women’s and family shelter is an old double wide modular unit which has six small bedrooms with 18 beds. It also houses the kitchen and dining area. The third unit contains three bedrooms plus an open area and it is used for shelter overflow.
  • Meals. Dixie provides an evening meal and a continental breakfast for all shelter guests. They also make available a sack lunch for these folks. The meal program is provided to assure that no one residing in the shelter will go hungry or have to beg for food.
  • Showers. Dixie opens daily form 4 to 5:30 for those who wish to take a free shower. This is for locals of transients passing through to provide them a chance to freshen up.
  • Pantry. Dixie relies on volunteers to collect and share day old perishables which are donated by local merchants. Many local seniors, single parent homes, and low-income families use this service to stretch their budgets. Dixie also provides some deli items which are donated by the stores to help the local and transient homeless who don’t reside in the shelter.
  • Food Bank. Dixie works as a part of the Utah Emergency Food Network to provide an emergency monthly box of food for an requesting family unit that falls within 150% of the state’s poverty guidelines. The food bank locations in St. George and Hurricane Valley cover all of Washington County. The food banks also provide store vouchers for milk to families with kids.
  • Emergency Clothing. Dixie partners with Deseret Industries, Family Thrift, and Repeat Performance to provide those who need clothing with a voucher to obtain the donated goods.
  • Salvation Army. In partnership with the Salvation Army, Dixie acts as a central distribution point for their vouchers which are intended to assist stranded travelers and job seekers in need of gas, local bus tokens, or greyhound bus transportation in cases of personal emergency.
  • Transitional Housing. Dixie has two transitional housing units near the facility to help working families transition from shelter life to being on their own. They also place families into local affordable housing units where possible.
  • Day Labor. Dixie Care & Share serves as a training facility providing real experience job skills to those who are re-entering the work force.
  • Case Management. A major effort is placed to make a difference in the lives of clients who have a desire to improve their circumstances. Dixie provides coaching, information, opportunities and training classes (including Life Skills, Anger Management, Renters Fresh Start and Banking Fresh Start programs). Case management is required of residents wanting to extend their stay past seven nights and food box clients needing help for more than four months.

Dixie Care and Share - 131 North 300 West - St. George UT - 435-628-3661 - [email protected]